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NYLOY 30 Roll-up Door

The NYLOY 30 was the original roll up door used on emergency vehicles by Dover Roller Shutters which was established in England in the 1950’s and sold throughout the world. Now made in the USA.

The NYLOY 30 (30mm extruded box section aluminum) door is suitable for most any size compartments or cabinets with minimal head room. The NYLOY 30’s 0.047 inch slat wall thickness and ball and socket design make it the strongest roll up door in the aluminum emergency roll up door industry today. Slats are fitted with rubber Seals so the door restricts exposure to the elements.


Applications include, but are not limited to, fire apparatus, emergency vehicles, ambulances, delivery trucks, maintenance vehicles, lube trucks, pump trucks, equipment trailers and vending trailers.


Up to 120″ Wide and up to 120″ High (Roller Assisted). Consult Dover sales representative for all applicable sizes.


  • Curtain – Constructed using single wall 1.125 inch (exposed surface) interlocking extruded box section aluminum slats. EPDM rubber Seals are fitted to each Slat for weather resistance. Slats are locked into position with nylon End Clips.
  • Bottom Rail – Multiple Bottom Rails options are available to meet the application needs.
  • Side Guides/Track – Multiple Side Guides/Track options are available to meet the application needs.
  • Counterbalance – For Roller assisted operation, the counterbalance consists of a 3/4″ diameter hollow shaft, mill aluminum 2 1/2 or 3 inch tube, nylon cores, and an appropriately engineered/sized spring for the application.
  • Operation – Hand operated by lifting the Bottom Rail to open and pulling down the Bottom Rail to close the door.
  • Door Locking – Multiple locking options are available.
  • Finish – Normal finish is a clear anodized finish. Slats can be provided in a mill finish for customer painting or, for an additional charge, entire door can be powder coated to customer specified color. Wet paint is also available at additional cost.


  • Sliders (no Counterbalance) – refer to Sliding Door configuration drawing in “Technical Information” section.
  • Electric Operation – using a tube motor (available in 12V DC / 120V AC / 240V AC). Refer to Tube Motor drawing in “Technical Information” section.

Technical Information