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EZ35 – Aluminum Roll-up Door

The new and revolutionary patent pending EZ35 Aluminum Shutter Door from Diamond Roll Up Door Inc. is designed to incorporate the latest innovations and is the culmination of decades of experience as the leading manufacturer of work truck doors.
The new design incorporates the roll-up shutter door and frame as one complete unit. The shutter doors installed on the frame which dramatically reduces installation and greatly reduces potential service issues.


78″W x 76″H (finished opening 76″W x 72″H)


Advantages of the EZ35 Shutter Door System:

  • Pre-hung and factory installed Shutter Door.
  • Radically reduces time and labor to install on to the truck.
  • Reduces costly installation errors and potential service issues.
  • Safety: Rolls upward and stays open until physically closed. Door will not close or free fall.
  • Eliminates the risks associated with opening swing-up or swing-out doors on curbside or roadside.

Advantages of the Diamond Roll UP Shutter Doors:

  • Ball and Socket Design: slats utilize this design with an integrated weather seal between each slat. The integrity and stability of the door curtain is not dependent upon the weather seal.
  • Weather seals: true EPDM rubber seals the perimeter of the opening.
  • Counter balance: the enclosed torsion spring system design allows for the door to easily be operated by hand.

*(Patent Pending)

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