Truck Overhead Panel Doors

  • 7.5mm composite
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Composite Panel

Diamond Roll-Up Door was the first door company to produce a composite panel roll up door – The Diamond Evolution. This premium roll-up door has superior durability to wood and aluminum door products.

The Evolution Door obtains its strength and durability from its panels made from a steel outer skin and polyethylene core. The panel material increases impact resistance as well as being impervious to moisture. Diamond also created the tongue seal insert which in combination with groove in the adjoining panel creates a weather seal joint.

Over time where other roll-up doors swell, crack, break or jam when impacted the Evolution Door will maintain its operation and integrity. This durability significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Diamond will provide you with an engineered roll-up door solution to suit your application.


  • Stainless Steel Cables and Rivets
    Rivets, bolts and cables are provided in galvanised steel as standard. These items can be provided in stainless steel as an optional extra.
  • 16″ & 36″ Aluminum Forklift Plates
    Aluminum Forklift Plates can be fitted to your doors in our factory as an optional extra. Forklift Plates can also be supplied separately for you to fit to existing doors in the field.
  • Safety Chain
    Extra locking security feature
  • Reinforcing Strap
    For bottom panel reinforcement
  • Clips & Track Shim
    For specific horizontal track mounting
  • Extra Lift Handles
    One Lifting Handle is provided with all Diamond 3/4″ Dry Freight or Evolution Doors. An extra Lifting Handle can be provided to assist with operation of the door as an optional extra.
  • MS Lock with Inside Release
    MS Locks are provided as standard with doors fitted with Recessed Hardware and 1″ Track. An inside release option is available to allow egress from the inside of the cargo bay.
  • Dual Durometer Side Seal
    Additional side seal option
  • Brush Side Seal
    All Diamond 3/4″ Dry Freight or Evolution Doors are provided with standard Side Seals. Brush Side Seals are available as an optional extra.
  • Extra Pull Strap
    One Heavy Duty 18″ Loop Pull Strap is provided with all Diamond 3/4″ Dry Freight or Evolution Doors. An additional Pull Strap can be provided to assist with operation of the door as an optional extra.
  • Ship Lap Doors
    All Diamond 3/4″ Dry Freight Doors are provided with tongue and groove joints as standard. Ship Lap joints can also be supplied to suit customer preference at additional cost. Talk to a Diamond sales staff to determine what will suit your application.
  • Window Cut Outs
    Window Cut Outs can be provided for all Diamond 3/4″ Dry Freight Doors at additional cost.


  • Custom made doors from 30″ TO 98″ wide by 48″ x 120″ high.
  • Panels made from composite steel and foamed plastic core.
  • Rust inhibiting baked on primer and polyester baked on finish coat to provide an automotive style finish.
  • Available with 1″ and 2″ Track and Roller options.
  • Single Spring or Dual Spring Counterbalances.
  • Standard top, side and bottom seals with Dual Durometer or Brush Side Seal options.
  • 5 rows of high strength flush mounted steel hinges provided as standard.
  • Stainless steel rivets are supplied as standard.
  • Stainless steel cables are supplied as standard.
  • 1 Piece U Channel and 4 point bottom seal.
  • Custom track and mounting systems available.
  • Wide variety of adjustable locking systems.
  • Suits trailer, step van, and truck body applications.