Truck Replacement Doors

Diamond Roll-Up Door is a major supplier of replacement doors. We understand the urgent need to get trucks or trailers back on the road if a door has been damaged or is not operating properly.

We provide top quality replacement doors (primed or pre-painted) at a competitive price. We can get you a replacement door in about 5 business days or provide stocked Universal Doors for immediate replacement. We will work to keep your vehicle on the road.

We have 3 basic configurations to meet your requirements. They are:

Drop In (Exact Fit) Doors

These doors are supplied cut to size (to the exact requirements of the truck body or trailer) with the required hardware. By ordering to your exact requirements there is no need to hold inventory. Doors can be shipped in about 5 business days from our plant.

Universal (Trim to Fit) Doors

Are supplied with hardware rollers and hinges on one side of the door only. The other side of the door can be cut to the required width. Top panels can also be cut to the required height.

All remaining Hardware is supplied to apply to cut door edges. Ordering Universal Doors allows doors to be held in inventory to match any replacement door requirement for your customer or fleet.

Conversions from Swing Doors to Roll-Up Doors

Trailers and truck bodies can be converted from Swing Doors to Roll-Up Doors. Purchasing a conversion kit containing 2″ x 2 1/2″ mild steel Side Posts (stainless steel also available) and a mild.

To discuss your requirements, please get in touch for more information on how Diamond Doors can provide you with customised engineering solutions.