Small Cabinet Application

A cabinet manufacturer has designed a cabinet to accept a small roll up door produced by Dover Roller Shutters. The manufacturer has several applications for the cabinet and has one contract and possibly a second to follow for this design.

Dover used its 2EA slat with new Double Handle lock. The 2EA slat helped reduce weight while the new Double Handle lock reduces the total number of components. With this lock, everything is built in. There is the handle to grab and pull down the door. The keyed lock is in the handle and the inside flippers lock the door down as does the original bar lock. If on a vehicle, the keys can also be matched to other cabinet lock keys. As with any product, the fewer components, the lower the cost. This Double Handle lock has given Dover the capability to provide a very competitively priced door for the application.

Dover Roller Shutters has many options in slats, bottom rails, locks, etc. Let Dover help design the right door for the right application.