Small Cabinets On Unique Vehicles

The roll up doors designed for the small cabinets in the news on February 25, 2013 have been put into operation. Dover Roller Shutters USA designed, and provided, the roll up doors for RKO Enterprises new vehicle cabinets. These vehicles are designed for off road and severe terrain operation in a partnership between Polaris and RKO Enterprises. They enable rescue crews to get to places wheeled vehicles cannot get to and is in keeping with the mission of Polaris to provide rescue workers the best units for the job.

Dover’s new double handle lock was used to reduce the risk of brush, or any other type snags, from catching the door/cabinet. The new double handle lock reduces the components on the front of the cabinet. It also reduces the risk of a rescue worker catching their equipment on a typical bar lock. The reduction of components also allows Dover to produce the roller shutter at a reasonable price.

Below are pictures of the new Polaris units. Give Dover Roller Shutters USA a call and we will help you design a roll up door to meet your needs.