Nyloy 30 Roll-up Door – Now Made In The USA

Dover Rollers Shutters is pleased to announce the original NYLOY30 aluminum roll-up door is now being manufactured in our Upper Sandusky, Ohio plant.

The NYLOY30 door was the original aluminum roll-up door product designed specifically for fire apparatus.  The product was manufactured by Dover Roller Shutters Ltd in England and supplied extensively in the US and Canada for fire departments all over both countries.

The NYLOY30 door being manufactured in Ohio is identical in configuration to the English based products.  We are able to supply all parts and new doors quickly to get the vehicle back on the road.

The NYLOY30 is a robust premium aluminum roll-up door for heavy duty applications.  The Slat is of box section construction and designed to be heavier in tempered aluminum, wall thickness, and a stronger cross section than competitor products.  Unlike competitor products that are designed similar to the window industry, the NYLOY30 will stand the test of time in the harshest environments and operational requirements.  Benefiting from the T-6 aluminum temper, the slat will not ding or mark in normal use.

With our local sales and engineering staff we have the ability to effectively communicate with truck body manufacturers and end users.  This ensures timely sales and engineering responses.  We are also available to call on customers to assist with technical enquiries and installation training.

Local manufacturing has significantly reduced product costs and radically reduced lead times for both doors and replacement parts.  Standard ordered doors are guaranteed to be shipped within two weeks and replacement parts within three days.

For more information on the NYLOY30 product and to obtain a same day quote please call Dover Roller Shutters.