New N35 First Install in USA

Dover Roller Shutter USA installed the new N35 roll up door in a fire/rescue vehicle manufactured by Douglass Truck Body in Bakersfield, California.  The nine doors were installed by the Douglass technician with assistance from a Dover Roller Shutters representative.  Install went smoothly and without incident.

The N35 is Dover Roller Shutter’s newest product designed specifically for the fire and emergency industry.  Dover and its parent company, AM Group, took research of competitor products from Europe, Australia, and the USA and designed a new roll up door that incorporates some of the original Dover characteristics with many new characteristics making the N35 a state of the art, cost effective roll up door for the fire and emergency industry.

These nine doors were the first Dover roll up doors that Douglass Truck Body has ever installed.  The Douglass technician completely and professionally installed all nine doors in one eight hour shift with limited assistance from the Dover representative.  A lot of the new Dover design features were directed at simplifying the design and install process saving the vehicle manufacturer time.

Other improvements incorporated into the N35 are, slat and slat seal design to further limit water and dirt infiltration, simplified product design to reduce manufacturing costs, and reduced weight to reduce total vehicle weight.  Please contact a Dover representative for more information on the new  Dover N35.