2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International

Dover Roller Shutters USA had the overwhelming presence of roll up doors on vehicles at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner show in Indianapolis the week of February 25-28. The show is attended by over 4000 septic, sewer and drain businesses has the latest products and technologies in the environmental service industry. It has also grown significantly in recent years, attracting nearly 12,000 environmental service professionals from 46 countries to discuss onsite installation, portable sanitation, sewer cleaning, utility location, etc.

The use of aluminum shutter doors on the service vehicles has significantly increased due to the roll up providing the vehicle owners an easier access to their compartments and, more importantly, safer access to the compartments when the vehicle are on the streets. Dover’s 2EB aluminum shutter door not only provides the easy access and safety, but also meets the demanding environments the vehicles go into everyday. The Dover 2EB shutter door is much stronger than the typical fire vehicle roll up door, is truly sealed on all four sides of the door and between the slats, and has an independent slat seal that does not fall out or get torn apart by the extreme/dirty environments. Dover also provides many different options which were evident at the show. Several lock options were on display with the newest Double Handle Lock on one of larger vehicles.

The above and below pictures are some of the vehicles with the Dover 2EB shutter door.