Diamond Master Door

Heavy duty aluminum panel roll-up door ideal for short-haul delivery vehicles.

Each panel of the Diamond Master Door is a single aluminum extrusion which interlocks with adjoining panels. This produces a tight fit hinging arrangement and provides excellent weather sealing properties. Unlike Wood roll up doors there are no hinges and associated fasteners thereby limiting operational and maintenance issues.

Being made of Aluminum the Diamond Master Door is light weight to operate and also reduces vehicle gas consumption - but they're tough. The doors are not influenced by moisture therefore no warping, swelling or loss of integrity over time.

For added strength and insulation Aluminum Backing Sections can be attached to the Panels.

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Suitable for trailers and truck bodies for short haul or high frequency pick-up and delivery runs. Ideal for limited access situations or road side deliveries where conventional swing doors are not functional.


Custom made doors from 30" to 98" wide x 48" to 120" high.


  • Panels made from 7 1/4" and 8 1/4" aluminum extrusions. Panels can be fitted with Backing Sections for additional strength and insulation.
  • Panels can be provided in Mill Finish or Powder Coated finish options. Powder Coating performed in house.
  • Very low maintenance door
  • Light operation and low weight for better gas economy.
  • 1" x 13 gauge galvanised steel tracks and 1" nylon rollers for durability.
  • Head, Bottom and Side Seals provide protection against water penetration around the perimeter of the door. Seals can be easily replaced to maintain optimal weather resistance. Each panel is also sealed for between panel weather resistance.
  • Stainless steel cables supplied as standard.
  • Counterbalances are single spring configuration providing economic cost and easy to use operation. Springs treated with rust preventative.
  • 77 style lock, lifting handle and HD 18" looped pull strap provided as standard.


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