Diamond Lite Roll-Up Door

Flush Mounted Hardware / 2" Track / Dual Spring Counterbalance

High quality extremely durable 3/4" composite panel door with flush mounted hardware, 2" track and rollers and dual spring counterbalance configuration.

Impact resistant panels impervious to the effects of moisture. Significantly reduce the need to replace swollen, split or damaged panels in comparison to Wood door products.

Little or no maintenance required. Low replacement costs of hardware this is consistent with Wood roll-up door products.


Suitable for trailers and truck bodies for short haul or high frequency pick-up and delivery runs. Ideal for limited access situations or road side deliveries where conventional swing doors are not functional.


Custom made doors from 30" to 98" wide x 48" to 120" high.


  • Panels made from a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product, manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass, that offers high specific strength and toughness
  • Finish in white that can be painted.
  • 2" x 14 gauge galvanised steel tracks and 2 nylon rollers for durability.
  • Tongue-and-groove joints CNC machined. Ship lap joints are also available.
  • Head, Bottom and Side Seals provide protection against water penetration.
  • 2 galvanised steel or stainless steel cables.
  • Counterbalances are dual spring configuration providing added protection in case of spring failure and easy to use operation. Springs treated with rust preventative.
  • 4 columns of recessed hinges supplied standard. Routing for hinges CNC machined for high quality consistent finish.
  • Galvanised steel or stainless steel rivets and bolts.
  • 77 style lock, lifting handle and HD 18" looped pull strap provided as standard.
  • All door hardware is E-COATED.

Technical Information

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