Universal (Trim to Fit) Doors

Universal or Trim to Fit Doors are supplied with rollers and hinges attached to one side of the door only. The other side of the door can be cut to the width required. Top panels can also be cut to the required height. All remaining Hardware is supplied for application to cut door edges.

Diamond manufactures the following types of Universal Doors:

  1. 3/4" Dry Freight Doors
  2. Diamond Evolutions Doors
  3. Diamond Lite Doors

For more details on the specifications of these doors please click on the appropriate links.

Ordering Universal Doors allows doors to be held in inventory to match any replacement door requirement for your customer or fleet.

The following hardware is supplied with Universal replacement doors:

  • Panels at set width of 8 ft (2400 mm)
  • Panel stack to appropriate height
  • Door supplied in two sections with fasteners to join both halves.
  • Top Panel supplied with one piece Seal uncut or header seal.
  • Hinges and fasteners to specification
  • Rollers for specific track type

The following Bottom Panel options are available

  • Supplied with proper Seal supplied but not fitted. Cut to length.
  • Supplied with all hardware except Lock and Keeper but not cut to length.
  • Supplied with all hardware including Lock and Keeper but not cut to length.

Technical Information

To discuss your requirements , please select your state on the contact us page, and call or email your nearest Diamond Roll-Up Doors team.