Truck / Trailer Doors

Diamond Roll-Up Door provides a wide range of proprietary truck and trailer doors to suit a variety of applications and environments. For more details on our range click on the following links:

Architectural Doors

  • Our architectural roll-up door products are also custom designed to suit site specific requirements including aesthetics, operational needs and building construction.
  • Depending on requirements we can provide Curtain materials in aluminium, polycarbonate or steel. This variety of materials ensures a wide selection of architectural looks and features.
  • Anodised, Powder Coated or Wet Spray finishes allows color matching or contrasting to other architectural elements.
  • Our architectural doors can be used in all types of commercial and industrial building applications including (but not limited to) shop fronts, shopping malls, small factory units, vendor booths, food and reception counters, stadiums, general storage rooms, equipment and plant rooms, school and hospital storage and products displays.
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Replacement Doors

Diamond Roll-Up Door provides a range of replacement door products.

  • Drop In (Exact Fit)
  • Drop In (Exact Fit) Doors are supplied cut to size to suit the exact requirements of the door stack being replaced.

  • Universal (Trim to Fit)
  • Universal Doors are ideal to hold in stock for emergency replacement of damaged door stacks. This service significantly improves turn-around time for fleet maintenance or repair shops.

    Universal or Trim to Fit Doors are supplied with rollers and hinges attached to one side of the door only. The other side of the door can be cut to the width required. Top panels can also be cut to the required height. All remaining Hardware is supplied for application to cut door edges.

  • Convert Swing Doors to Roll-Up Doors
  • Trailers and truck bodies can be converted from Swing Doors to Roll-Up Doors. Diamond manufactures a Conversion Kit consisting 2" x 2 1/2" mild steel Side Posts and a mild steel Header (7" or 9").


Diamond Roll Up Door provides a large range of door replacement parts covering our complete range of door products and those of our competitors. Our Parts range includes:

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